The IOA's organization and operation is supervised by the Ephoria, a Board of trustees with a 4-year term of office, composed of nine members from the world of sport and culture, elected by the HOC's Plenum. At least five members of the Ephoria must be members of the HOC. The President and the Dean of the International Olympic Academy chair the works of the IOA's sessions.

By virtue of a Presidential Decree, issued in October 2003, the IOA was made a legal entity of private law, supervised by the Ministry of Culture under the patronage of the IOC.

In December 1962, a special IOC Commission was set up in order to link the IOA with the IOC, Olympic Solidarity and the Olympic Movement in general. The name of this Commission was "IOC Commission for the International Olympic Acade¬my and Olympic Education".It was chaired successively by: Ivar Emil Vind (DEN), Mohamed Mzali (TUN) and then by the Greek Presidents of the IOA and IOC Members Nikolaos Nissiotis and Nikos Filaretos. In 2000, on the proposal of the IOA's President Nikos Filaretos, this Commission was merged with the IOC's Commission for Culture and Olympic Education.


  • President: Michael FYSENTZIDIS (HOC Member)
  • Vice President: Athanassios STRIGAS
  • Members:
    • Spyridon CAPRALOS (HOC President)
    • Emmanuel KOLIBADIS (HOC Secretary General)
    • Emmanuel KATSIADAKIS (HOC Member)
    • Polixeni ARGITAKI (HOC member)
    • Athanasios VASILIADIS (HOC member)
    • Gordon TANG
    • Efthimios KOTZAS (Mayor of Ancient Olympia)
  • Honorary President: Jacques ROGGE
  • Honorary Members:
    • PERE MIRÓ (Director, Olympic Solidarity, IOC)
    • Makis MATSAS (President of MINOS - EMI)
  • Honorary Dean: Konstantinos GEORGIADIS