• International Session for Young Participants
  • International Seminar on Olympic Studies for Post-Graduate students
  • International Session for Directors of NOAs
  • Joint International Session for Presidents or Directors of NOAs and Officials of NOCs
  • International Session for Educators and Officials of Higher Institutes of Physical Education
  • International Session for Sports Journalists
  • Master's Degree Programme «Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organisation and Management of Olympic Events»
  • Special Sessions for institutions related with Olympism: National Olympic Committees, National Olympic Academies, International Sport Federations, F.I.E.P., Sport Medical Societies, Unions of Coaches, Referees, SInternational Session for Sports Journalistsports Administrators, etc
  • Special Sessions for Institutions indirectly related with Olympism aiming to promote the Olympic Ideal
  • Educational visits of groups from various institutions (Universities, Graduate schools, schools, Sports Clubs)
  • Visits of Researchers of Olympic subjects
  • Conferences on Sports Science

All the IOA Sessions are held in Ancient Olympia and participants are accommodated in the guestrooms located on the Academy grounds.

The IOA has three official languages, English, French and Greek, and participants must be fluent in at least one in order to participate in the educational programmes.

The future of civilisation rests at this moment neither on political nor on economic bases.It depends solely on the direction which will be given to education.


Olympic education is a priceless investment in the construction of a better and more peaceful world. It is the most useful and valuable endeavour of the Olympic Movement within the framework of the Olympic ideal.

Mohamed ZERGUINI, IOC Honorary Member