The IOA organizes the biannual International Session for University Professors of Physical Education aiming to provide an international forum for them to explore Olympic issues and practices and expand their knowledge on Olympic Education. In Ancient Olympia, people of different nationalities from a wide variety of universities and Higher Institutions of Physical Education meet and work together, sharing their experiences, knowledge and ideas.

During this session, the educational aspects of Olympism and the Olympic Movement are examined as is the humanistic and cultural significance of sport and its contribution to modern society. Practical and culturally relevant teaching methods are sought and discussed in order to promote ways of implementing in practice the Olympic Ideals among the youth of the world.

Objectives of the International Session for University Professors of Physical Education

  • To familiarize participants with the Olympic Movement, its history, ideals and values by providing an international forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and practices.
  • To explore current issues related to sports, Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.
  • To motivate and encourage the participants to use their experiences and knowledge gained from the Session productively in their universities inspiring their students to embrace and implement in practice the Olympic Ideals and get actively involved with Olympic Education.