International Forum on Olympic Education

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Greece, an International Forum on Olympic Education took place on 23rd June, under the title “A sino-greek Friendship Bridge built by the Olympic Movement”.

Based on in-depth discussions between officials, scholars and experts from the two countries being engaged in the Olympic Movement, including speeches by the IOA Dean, Prof. Georgiadis and the IOA Advisor, Prof. Dionyssis Gangas, the forum has focused on the role bilateral cooperation plays to advance Olympic education so as to further enhance understanding and friendship and increase cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation between the two peoples. The Beijing Institute for International Olympic Studies (BIIOS) and the International Olympic Academy (IOA) have also signed a formal cooperation agreement at the forum in order to deepen academic exchanges and global understanding of the Olympic Movement for a brighter future.

Both sides have put forward new ideas, new pathways and new methods for the development of high quality international Olympic education, work together to boost innovation in Olympic education in both countries and around the world and advance the development of youth health as well as education.

The IOA President, stated in his address: “With this agreement, two of the most important sports and cultural institutions decided to join forces and knowledge, in order to jointly promote Olympic Education and Olympic Values to the youth of China, through a series of synergies and actions”.