The Seminar attracts yearly a multicultural body of MA and PhD students who wish to enrich their knowledge on Olympic and sports subjects as well as to expand their research on relative topics. Postgraduate students of the highest academic standards are selected to participate in the Seminar after being nominated by their respective NOA/NOC and their Supervising Professor from interested universities.

The number of participants, who can be up to 45 years old, is maximum 30, while the selection is based on the students’ qualifications, academic achievements, research topic and recommendation letters. Excellent command of the English language is a prerequisite since it is the conduct language of the Programme.

All students participating in the Seminar are required to submit and present an independent paper on a topic relevant to Olympism.

The overall aim of the Seminar is to create a network of young scientists in the field of Sport and Olympism who will later on become valuable members of NOAs/NOCs/ universities and will be actively involved in the Olympic Movement.

Objectives of the Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate Students

  • To help students acquire deeper understanding and knowledge of all aspects of the Olympic Movement and its history through the lectures and through cooperation with the Supervising Professors of the Seminar.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to visit numerous archaeological sites and museums and learn more on the history of the Olympic Movement.
  • To urge students to get to know other cultures and civilizations by sharing ideas with students from other countries.
  • To motivate students to cooperate with their respective NOC/NOA in order to develop and implement a project or programme related to Olympism at school or university.
The Olympic Movement is and will remain open to criticism because it is a human enterprise and therefore imperfect. Let us, however, try to improve it and contribute to strengthening its foundations.

Lord KILLANIN President of the IOC (1972-1980)