Today, the 149 established NOAs, with the support of the IOA, have managed to become the landmark of Olympic Education in their countries. Many NOAs are doing an outstanding work with the education of hundreds of people and the implementation of Olympic Education programmes all over the country, in cooperation with different institutions at a national and international level. It is thanks to their creation that, the concept of Olympic Education has emerged in all parts of the world, a lot of research is being made at universities and many programmes have been developed worldwide. The Session for NOAs and NOCs, covering a wide range of Olympic topics, functions as the driving force in the coordination, planning and implementation of educational projects and initiatives and builds a strong, knowledgeable and performing network. These annual Forums in Olympia are a point of reference, which create the conditions and opportunities for the NOAs/NOCs to get inspriration and to be provided with tools in order to develop and lead Olympic Education programmes in their countries. It serves as a platform for dialogue, enrichment of knowledge, exchange of experiences and collaboration between the NOCs and NOAs for the sharing of the best practices and for getting better insight on diverse educational programmes including the IOC Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP).

Objectives of the International Session for NOAs and NOCs

  • To study and apply the educational and social principles of Olympism.
  • To monitor and further advance the work of the active NOAs and widen their network.
  • To cultivate and encourage the relation between the NOAs and the NOCs.
  • To identify the barriers and assist the NOAs with limited action in cooperation with their NOCs.
  • To increase the number of NOAs by inviting NOCs, in cooperation with the IOC, that have not established an NOA, in order to explore the perspectives and provide feedback.
The International Olympic Academy, during its long course, has contributed greatly to the scientific foundation and dissemination of the Olympic Ideal. The National Olympic Academies, with their active presence, are the proof.

Ιsidoros KOUVELOS, President of the I.O.A.(2009 - today)