The biennial Session that was first organized in 1986 has the aim to support the function of the National Olympic Academies and encourage the foundation of new ones. Through the lectures of professors, teachers and officials of the Olympic Movement as well as through group discussions, the cooperation among the National Olympic Academies as well as the creation of a well organised network among them for the promotion of the Olympic Education programmes worldwide is put forward.

Since 1992, the Directors of the National Olympic Academies take also part in the Joint International Session for Presidents or Directors of NOAs and Officials of NOCs, which is held alternately with the Session for Directors of NOAs.


Each National Olympic Academy may enter the Session with a maximum of two representatives, one of whom should be the President or the Director of the NOA. The full price of the air-ticket for one participant per NOA is covered by the Olympic Solidarity.

Short Presentations

During the Session, the Directors of the National Olympic Academies are invited to present a brief report on the activities of their NOAs within the framework of the Olympic Education programmes, as well as the history of their foundation, their objectives and priorities.

Special Subjects of the International Session for Directors of NOAs (1986 - to date)

  • The contribution of Olympic Education to general education
  • a) Relation between NOCs, the IOC and the IOA
  • b) Role and activities of a NOA

  • a) Coordination of activities of the NOAs with the IOA and the NOCs
  • b) Possibilities and ways of involving past participants of the IOA Sessions in the activities of the NOAs

  • Olympic Education in Schools and Universities worldwide
  • The Olympic Movement, the Olympic Games and the role of the International Olympic Academy and the National Olympic Academies
  • Cultural diversities and Olympism
  • The National Olympic Academy: Structure, objectives and operation
  • Olympic Pedagogy
  • The role of the National Olympic Academies in the organisation of the Youth Olympic Games
  • The youth and the future of Olympism in a global world
  • Olympic legacy: olympic gamesand their educational challenges
  • The Value of Excellence as an Educational Tool
  • Olympism and Governance
  • Olympic Truce as an Educational Tool for Peace
The International Olympic Academy, during its long course, has contributed greatly to the scientific foundation and dissemination of the Olympic Ideal. The National Olympic Academies, with their active presence, are the proof.

Ιsidoros KOUVELOS, President of the I.O.A.(2009 - today)