The International Olympic Academy in cooperation with the IOC’s Athletes Commission and the World Olympians Association (WOA), selects and educates Olympic Medallists and Olympians who have an active social role and intend to be involved with Olympic Education. Organized every two years, in collaboration with the IOC Olympic Studies Centre, the session educates athletes on Olympic Values and motivates them to become active and engaged Ambassadors of the Olympic Movement, Role Models and true Olympic Messengers. Through the Olympic Meallists and Olympians Session the athletes obtain the necessary knowledge in order to get involved with Olympic Education and training of schoolchildren or young athletes in their own countries while they are educated on contemporary issues of the Olympic Movement and the concept of Dual Career.

Objectives of the Olympic Medallists and Olympians Session

  • To turn Olympic Medallists and Olympians into Olympic Ambassadors.
  • To provide the NOAs/NOCs with Role Models who will assist their mission to promote Olympic Education in their countries.
  • To urge Olympic Medallists and Olympians to develop and deliver in collaboration with the NOA (or NOC) an Olympic Educational programme targeted at public or sport clubs/ schools/ universities.