The Olympic Medallists and the Olympians are among the most important ambassadors of the Olympic Movement for the diffusion of the Olympic Ideal. Consequently, the IOA has included, since 2007, the innovative idea of the Olympic Medallists or Olympians Session in its educational activities.


The participants are selected by the National Olympic Committees, the National Olympic Academies, the International Federations, the World Olympians Association and the IOC Athletes' Commission.

The air ticket fee is covered by the athlete's organisation, while the rest of the expenses (accommodation, boarding, local transportation, archaeological sites' visits, etc.) are covered by the International Olympic Academy.

The training is based on theoretical approaches as well as on practical applications of Olympism and Olympic Education. More specifically, on a theoretical level, the lectures that take place are relevant to the Olympic Education and concern the educational significance of the Olympic Education, the moral and social aspect of Olympism, the role of the Olympic Medallists and the Olympians as role models for the diffusion of the Olympic Idea and their communication with the citizens and especially the students.

Through direct dialogue with the Olympic Medallists and the Olympians, experiential ways of education are sought (educational, communicative, etc.) while the athletes share their experiences in order to exchange ideas.

For this session, the IOA cooperates closely with the National Olympic Committees, the National Olympic Academies, the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Medallists Associations and the International Sports Federations. The purpose of this cooperation is the broader participation of Olympic Medallists and Olympians and their training in the cradle of the Olympic Games in order to help them respond to their 'post olympics' social role.

Special subjects of the International Sessions for Olympic Medallists or Olympians (2007 - to date)

  • Propagation of the Olympic Idea by the Olympic Medallists.
  • The social and professional life of athletes during and after elite competition.
  • Communication methods of Olympic Values by Olympian role models.
  • Olympic Medallists & Olympians as role models: their educational role.