This session aims to provide sports journalists from around the world with the opportunity to meet and discuss the role of the media in sports, contemporary Olympic issues, organisational aspects of the Games, and the relationship of the Olympic Movement with the media in the past and the present.

Journalists are informed on new technology and equipment, and coverage methods of the Games by the media. The promotion of the Olympic Movement is also discussed as is the implementation of Olympic Education programmes in cooperation with the respective NOCs and NOAs. During every Session, a special Olympic topic is chosen for discussion.


Participants in the Session are nominated by their respective National Association of Sports Journalists. Each Association may nominate one (1) participant, who must be fluent in one of the three official languages of the IOA, which are English, French and Greek.

Short Papers and Presentations

Participants are invited to prepare short papers and presentations on themes related to the topic of the Session, and send them to the IOA in advance. The Ephoria of the IOA will select those reports which will be presented during the Session.

Special Subjecs of the International Sessions for Sports Journalists (1986 - to date)

  • The Olympic Idea and the present reality.
  • Olympism and the Mass Media.
  • The Press and the Olympic Games.
  • The Press in the service of Olympism.
  • The role of the Mass Media in the promotion of the Olympic Idea.
  • Mass Media and the Olympic Games - Olympism.
  • Sports Journalism in the framework of the Olympic Movement.
  • The Olympic Movement and the Mass Media.
  • The Games of the XXVI Olympiad and the Mass Media.
  • The contribution of the Press to the fight against anabolics.
  • Ethics code in sports press.
  • The attitude of the mass media towards the athletes who have made use of prohibited substances.
  • The ethics of entrepreneurship in sports.