This biannual Session aims to bring together Senior Administrators from Organisations engaged in creating Olympic Education programmes and involved in educational and social activities aiming to promote the Olympic Movement.

The IOA's role is to coordinate and assist the NOAs in their work, and this Session provides a Forum for the exchange of ideas and educational programmes and the presentation of the activities of the NOAs and NOCs in different countries.


  • National Olympic Academies may register two (2) representatives
  • National Olympic Committees may register one (1) representative

The airfare cost for one participant per National Olympic Academy is met by Olympic Solidarity.

Short Papers and Presentations

Representatives are invited to present a brief report on the activities of their NOAs or NOCs within the framework of the Olympic Education programmes, as well as the history of their foundation, their objectives and priorities.

Special Subjects of the Joint International Session for Presidents or Directors of NOAs and Officials of NOCs

Up until the year 1991, separate Sessions were held for the Directors of NOAs and for the members and staff of NOCs and IFs. As of 1992, the Sessions are unified into one which is held alternately with the Session for Directors of National Olympic Academies. As of 2000, the session is addressed only to Presidents or Directors of NOAs and Officials of NOCs.

International Session for Members and Staff of NOCs and IFs (1978-1991)

  • The role of the NOCs
  • The role of the NOCs in the propagation of the Olympic Idea
  • Olympism facing Violence and Fair Play
  • Olympism and present reality
  • Olympic Education
  • Olympic Education through the NOCs and IFs
  • The Olympic Movement and some of its aspects

Joint International Session for Directors of NOAs, Members and Staff of NOCs and IFs (1992 - 1998)

  • Exploration of the most effective ways for the collaboration of NOCs, NOAs and IFs for the propagation of Olympic Education
  • Olympic Educational programmes and ways of teaching the Olympic Idea among the Youth: Elaboration, structure and contents of a universal Olympic programme which will take into consideration all the different cultural particularities of the major cultural zones of the world
  • The activities of a National Olympic Academy within the framework of National Education systems
  • Olympic Education Programmes in schools. Cooperation between National Olympic Academies and National Olympic Committees
  • Joint International Session for Presidents or Directors of NOAs and Officials of NOCs. (2000 - to date)

    • Various models of effective Olympic education: Options and methods of implementation and evaluation strategies
    • Doping in Sports
    • Cultural Aspects of Olympism
    • Worldwide Review of the Programmes of Olympic Education
    • National Olympic Committees: The cultural and educational dimension of the Olympic Movement
    • New challenges in the collaboration among the IOC, the IOA, NOCs and the NOAs
    • The Promotion of Cultural Activities by the NOCs and the NOAs in the Framework of Olympic Education
    • Olympic Values in Education
    • Olympic Education as a tool for development and sustainability.
    • Olympians promoting Olympism: Knowledge and experiences in Olympic Education.