Kouvelos: “The Academy is the guardian of the Olympic Values”

The IOA President, Isidoros Kouvelos spoke during Olympia Forum II, on the subject “The contribution of Sports to Regional Development”. He highlighted the value of the International Olympic Academy and the inauguration of its renovated premises that took place a few days ago, pointing out that from now on it will constitute the international olympic education centre.
Moreover, Mr Kouvelos characterised the Master’s Degree programme that is organized at the IOA premises as the flagship of the IOA, saying: “it is one of the best postgraduate programmes on Olympic Studies in the world, with students from 97 countries who are the greatest ambassadors of Greece internationally and take up managerial and contemporary positions. The Academy is the guardian of the Olympic Values. My moto is that whoever is part of the Olympic Movement should come to Olympia at some point so as to learn how it all began, to be educated, to see the museums and to visit the Academy”.