Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Guangzhou Sport University and the International Olympic Academy

The International Olympic Academy signed a very important agreement with the internationally acknowledged Guangzhou Sport University in the framework of the IOA’s important role in the cultivation, the development, and the diffusion of Olympic Education worldwide.

The IOA President Michael Fysentzidis welcomed at the offices of the Academy in Athens the six members of the Chinese delegation together with the IOA Vice President Athanassios Strigas, the Ephoria Member Xenia Argeitaki and the Honorary Dean of the IOA, Konstantinos Georgiadis. They had constructive discussions with the representatives of the Guangzhou University, they exchanged views regarding the most beneficial cooperation for both sides and finally they signed the Memorandum of Cooperation.

The Memorandum of Cooperation with the Guangzhou Sport University of China marks the beginning of a cooperation with one of the most important sport universities of the country. The IOA will transfer know-how and experiences on issues of teaching Olympic Education and will carry out common teaching and scientific activities with the University.

Additionally, in the context of cooperation with the City of Shantou and the institution Shantou Tang Qinguan (a second equally important Memorandum of Cooperation that was signed a few months ago) the IOA in cooperation with the Guangzhou Sport University will lead an effort for the creation of a new sport academy, the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy, in the areas of Shantou and PingPang.

The International Olympic Academy, beside the establishment of a new academic institution, will actively participate in the creation of a program of studies focused on the spirit, the values and the principles of Olympism. Additionally, the IOA will assume the organization of special educational events in its premises in Ancient Olympia, events that will be aimed at selected students from the newly established Academy, the Shantou Sports Academy.

This cooperation reinforces the role of the International Olympic Academy in the Olympic and sport family worldwide, underlines its special educational role and continues the cooperation that it already has with the biggest universities in the world.