Protocol of Academic Understanding between the IOA and CISM

The International Olympic Academy and the Conseil International du Sport Militaire signed a protocol of academic understanding in Athens, inaugurating the close relationship between the two institutions.

The Protocol was signed by the IOA President, Isidoros Kouvelos, and the CISM Secretary General, Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita. The main point of this agreement is the organization of an International Symposium by CISM in October 2021 in Ancient Olympia.

The President of the International Olympic Academy, Isidoros Kouvelos, welcomed the delegation of CISM stating that “It is with great pleasure that we welcome you in Athens and the IOA, which is the international centre of Olympic education. CISM is the military institution that promotes sport and the Olympic values of friendship, peace and solidarity among nations. After all, sport is the most important tool internationally which may inspire the youth to fight for peace. We are very happy for this cooperation, since in this way CISM may organize conferences and sport events in our new premises. The IOA enters a new era with this radical renovation and upgrade of its premises. Our aim is to bring people of sports from all over the world in the place where it all began so that they meet the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Next year, the first conference that will take place after the IOA’s Sessions will be that of CISM and it will be our pleasure to organize it together”.

On behalf of CISM, the Secretary General Dorah Mamby Koita stated: “We are very happy for this cooperation and we would like to thank you for making us a member of your family. CISM is daily involved in sports and through this agreement with the IOA, our institution will gain more knowledge and promotion. Although lots of people do not know us, CISM has 140 member – countries from all over the world and organizes 21 international championships annually. Apart from being military, we are also human beings and sports helps us maintain our physical power. Dear Mr President, we are grateful for this cooperation”.

The event, which took place in strict compliance of the health protocol, was also attended by Dionyssis Gangas, Advisor to the IOA President, and the CISM Sports Director, Colonel Luiz Fernando Medeiros Nobrega, and the CISM Academy Manager, Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Soares Pinheiro da Cunha.

The Greek Arm Forces were represented by Captain Spyros Andriopoulos, member of the CISM Board of Directors, Head of the Hellenic delegation in CISM and Director of ASAED, Colonel Odysseas Paxinos, President of CISM Sports Scientific Committee, lieutenant commander Florentia Sfakianou, member of the Hellenic delegation in CISM and Police Sergeant Sofia Andriopoulou, member of the Hellenic delegation in CISM.