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    All the delegates from the NOAs as well as the NOCs are requested to submit a report of specific projects they are going to put forward, after the end of the session. This could involve the following targets:

    • Build long-term relations with Ministry of Education or Sports and produce at least 1 specific Olympic Education programme for school kids and PE teachers
    • Establish at least 2 seminars for athletes, coaches and officials in cooperation with the National Federations and Sports clubs.
    • Build relationships with at least 1 University with the objective to organize at least 1 scientific programme for teaching or research
    • Build a communication strategy about their programmes including social media and website to disseminate specific Olympic Education content to their community

    Technical requirements: Digital file format: .jpg, jpeg or .png | Ratio: 4:3 (Height:Width) | Resolution: minimum 300 DPI (dots per inch) | Size: around 100kb