I hereby declare that:

Α. I was informed by the International Olympic Academy (hereinafter “IOA”) (52, Dim. Vikelas, Halandri, Tel. 210-6878809) with regard to the processing of my personal data -collection, storage in (electronic or non-electronic) files, use, transmission and processing in general-, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter “the Regulation”), exclusively and only within the framework and the implementation needs of the 15th International Session for National Olympic Academies’ and National Olympic Committees’ Delegates (hereinafter “15th International Session”), of the IOA, which will be held from the 16th to the 22nd of July 2022 at the premises in Ancient Olympia, as well as my participation in it, as specified below in detail:

The personal data making the object of processing by the IOA are my full name, personal email, date of birth, address, nationality, passport number, qualifications and everything ensuing from them, my resume and other documents and certificates related to my fields of knowledge. I have been informed that, apart from any other possible case to which (as per paragraph B below) I may give my consent, all the above shall be processed by the IOA at first for the preparation, implementation and organization of the files and the closing of any pending matter regarding the 15th International Session and shall then be stored in the IOA historical archives, for as long as it operates.

Having been duly informed, I also consent – waiving any relevant right – to the inclusion of any photographic, audio material or video containing my image, voice or any other personal data, in the IOA’s live broadcasting of the works of the Session; and to their possible duplication, transmission to third parties, public showing, disclosure or reproduction, at any given time, in their original version or in translation, on the official site of the IOA, social media, other means of communication or mass media, as well as in IOA publications.

I was also informed – and I consent – that for the above purposes, namely the implementation of the 15th International Session and my participation in it, the necessary personal data as the case may be may be disclosed to third parties with whom the IOA cooperates within the very implementation of the above objectives (such as hotels etc.), and that my full name, gender and nationality shall be notified to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) within the framework of the relevant obligation of the IOA.

I have been informed that both in the above mentioned case and in all other cases in which third parties cooperating with the IOA are privy to and process my personal data on the IOA’s behalf in order to accomplish the above mentioned objectives (processors), the IOA has ensured, by means of all the appropriate contractual clauses, the protection of my personal data and compliance by said third parties with all the obligations stemming from the Regulation.

Β. I give my consent to:

  1. The disclosure of my full name and email address to the other participants of the 15th International Session for the purpose of facilitating communication among us and cultivating our relations.
  2. The storage of my name and email address to allow the IOA to communicate with me so as to inform me on future International Sessions to be organized by the IOA, for as long as same are being held.
  3. The storage of my name, email and postal address to allow the IOA, within the scope of its operation, to communicate with me so as to inform me, either by letters and emails, or by printed newsletters etc., on matters pertaining to the Olympic Movement, as well as on any event whatsoever organized by the IOA.

C. Before signing the present, I declare that I have been informed of my rights under the Regulation and in particular about:

  1. The right to access my personal data, to be notified of the purpose for their processing and of any recipient thereof as the case may be.
  2. The right to request from the IOA the rectification or erasure of personal data or the restriction of processing thereof.
  3. The right to receive copies of my personal data in electronic and/or printed format.
  4. The right to object in the future to the processing of my personal data by the IOA.

I also declare that I have been informed of my right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority should I deem that my rights have been violated.

    I Consent YESNO