The Ephoria of the International Olympic Academy in its extraordinary meeting after the announcement of the death of STEPHEN MILLER decided to publish the following resolution in his memory:

Stephen Miller, an eminent international academic personality with huge scientific work

 in Greece and abroad, had been a collaborator, friend and companion of the International Olympic Academy for many years. His charismatic personality, ethics and kindness, his scientific prestige, our common visions and love for ancient and modern Greece made him one of the IOA’s most valued scientific collaborators.

He had been a real teacher, in the high sense of the term, for all the young people he taught

at the Academy. The way he approached issues of the ancient cultural heritage of the

Olympic Games and Sports was unique.

Nemea became an international place of reference and Stephen Miller the person who identified his life and his work with Greece. He loved and respected the greek land, research, archeology, culture and people without any trace of arrogance or elitism.

Greece honoured him as he deserved. He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Athens, he was honoured by the President of the Hellenic Republic with the Order of Honour and received Greek citizenship in 2005 by Presidential decree.

It is certain that his scientific work, diverse and interactive, will remain a legacy

 for future generations.

In 2018, the International Olympic Academy, recognising his offer, awarded him

the official honorary distinction “ATHÈNS”.


The IOA Ephoria also decided


  1. To deposit in his memory the token amount of 500 euros to the Society for the revival of the Nemean Games
  2. To establish an annual scholarship for a Greek student in the IOA Master’s Degree programme on Olympic Studies
  3. To publish this resolution in the press as well as on the IOA’s social media