Resolution Charalampos Cholidis

The International Olympic Academy, after the announcement of the sudden death of

Charalampos Cholidis

has decided to publish the following resolution in his memory:

The Olympic Medalist Babis Cholidis has been a great personality in the Greek Sport world who glorified the sport of wrestling, which he has served with passion, as an athlete as well as a coach. Cholidis honored Greece worldwide with his achievements through international games with dignity and ethics and has been a real role model for all the young athletes. The IOA Ephoria members would like to express their deep sorrow for his loss to his family.

In its meeting, the IOA Ephoria has also decided the following:

  1. To deposit the symbolic amount of 200 euros to the Association ‘Elpida’ for children with cancer, in his memory.
  2. To send a condolence message to the family of the deceased
  3. To publish this resolution to the social media