Athens, May 18th 2018


The International Olympic Academy, after the announcement of the death of


has decided to publish the following resolution in his memory:

Theodoros Vassilakis, emblematic personality of the Hellenic as well as of the European business world, had been a member of the HOC Executive Board, representing the Hellenic Golf Association. He was also the leading figure who inspired Greek people with the principles of Olympism, having had at the same time as his life goal to turn Greece into a top world destination.


The IOA would like to express their deep sorrow for his loss to his family and

has decided to

  1. deposit the symbolic amount of 500 euros to “SOS Children’s Village” in Crete, in his memory.
  2. send a condolence message to the family of the deceased
  3. publish this resolution to the Athenian press

Isidoros Kouvelos