Athens, July 3rd, 2017




The President of the International Olympic Academy Michael Fysentzidis and the Members of the IOA Ephoria would like to express their deep sorrow for the loss of


Minos Kyriakou


who had been President of the Academy during the years 2006-2008.


During these years Minos Kyriakou served respectfully the IOA aims for the cultivation, the development and the diffusion of the Olympic values,

upgrading IOA’s work and activities, leaving his stamp on the glorious history of the International Olympic Academy.


At the same time, the IOA Ephoria decided unanimously:

  1. To send a representative to the funeral service of Minos Kyriakou and to deposit a wreath
  2. To observe a minute’s silence during the next meeting of the IOA Ephoria
  3. To pull the flags down to half mast in the premises in Ancient Olympia
  4. To send a condolence message by telegram to the family of the deceased
  5. To publish this resolution to the IOA’s website