Sponsorship of “Papoutsanis” to the IOA


The International Olympic Academy announces its cooperation with the historic company “Papoutsanis” that since 1870 creates unique cosmetics for the whole family. Common point of reference is the sacred and immortal olive tree, source of inspiration for the line Olivia but also a symbol of peace, fair play and Olympic Spirit, ideals supported by the IOA.

The olive tree, the trade mark of Olivia, reflects the prestige of the classic with the charm of the new in total harmony with the International Olympic Academy.

The sacred olive tree has always been a symbol of prosperity, peace, fertility and euphoria and of course a branch of olive, the famous “Kotinos”, was the prize for the athletes who won in the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia.

Therefore, the olive tree is the link between the IOA, the cultural and educational institution of the IOC, which aims to study, examine thoroughly and promote Olympism, and “Papoutsanis”, through the new line of natural products Olivia.

According to the Greek mythology, the olive was the gift of Goddess Athena when a competition took place between her and God Poseidon about who would give his name to the city.

Greeks identified themselves with the olive and its by-products. They related it with many events in their lives, inventing even more techniques of its use. Thanks to the technique of observation, they soon realized the healing properties of the olive as well as its use as a beauty product.

The olive oil or the “golden liquid”, according to Homer, was not just food in antiquity but it was also a symbol of health and power, a medicine as well as a source of magic and admiration.

Since the time of Hippocrates, the olive oil was well known for its numerous healing properties, especially for the skin diseases. In ancient Greece, it was used as a major cosmetic. The olive oil was one of the basic ingredients of numerous cosmetics, which for many centuries were restricted to the use of the elite.

In the course of time up to the modern era that we have the appropriate scientific knowledge, the importance of the healing power of the olive is proved.