Survey for the new strategic plan of the IOA

    About You

    1) Your Name (You can remain anonymous if you prefer)

    2) Your position

    3) How many times have you been at the IOA?

    Never1-35-10more than 10 times

    4) Which IOA sessions/programmes are you most familiar with?

    International Session for Young ParticipantsInternational Session for NOAs’ Directors / NOCs’ OfficialsInternational Seminar on Olympic Studies for Postgraduate StudentsMaster’s Degree in Olympic StudiesInternational Session for Educators of Higher Institutes of Physical EducationInternational Session for Olympic Medallists or OlympiansInternational Seminar for Sports JournalistsOther

    5) Under which capacity did you participate in any of the above educational events?

    ParticipantLecturerSupervising ProfessorCoordinatorObserverΙΟCPartner institutionSponsorOther


    6) What makes the IOA special for you and for the Olympic Movement?

    7) Has your relationship with the IOA helped you in your professional career?

    8) In your opinion, how important are the below points for the IOA participants (1-5, 5 being very important):

    Being in Ancient Olympia 12345 (very important)
    Learn about the origins and ideals of Olympism 12345 (very important)
    Learn about best practices in how to teach / spread Olympism 12345 (very important)
    Learn about current issues of the Olympic Movement 12345 (very important)
    Meet people and build friendships with people from around the world 12345 (very important)
    Experience Olympism 12345 (very important)
    Be with people with a similar profile 12345 (very important)
    Be with people with different profiles and experiences 12345 (very important)
    Attend the presentations from other participants 12345 (very important)
    Attend high profile academic lectures 12345 (very important)
    Attend the presentations from the IOC members / representatives 12345 (very important)
    Have room for debate and exchange 12345 (very important)


    9) Which of the following do you consider adequately functional?

    IOA / GovernanceSessions / Target AudiencesSessions / Programme ContentSessions / Programme StructureSessions / Selection criteria of LecturersSessions / Selection criteria of ParticipantsSessions / Cultural ActivitiesAcademic Resources – LibraryInternet supportOther

    10) What could be improved in the future in order for the participants to be equipped with what they need so as to promote Olympic values and Olympic Education in their country? (Please be as precise as possible)

    IOA / Governance
    Sessions / Target Audiences
    Sessions / Programme Content
    Sessions / Programme Structure
    Sessions / Selection criteria of Lecturers
    Sessions / Selection criteria of Participants
    Sessions / Cultural Activities
    Academic Resources – Library
    Internet support

    11) What are the most obvious opportunities for the IOA to enhance its reach and impact within the Olympic Family and beyond the Olympic Movement for the dissemination of Olympic Values?

    12) How could the IOA better promote the international network of experts for its programmes?

    13) Under which circumstances would your organisation (University, Sports Organization, NOA etc.) develop a collaboration with the IOA on the basis of activities’ organisation at the IOA premises?

    14) Please write 3 words that should define the IOA of the future.

    15) Do you have any other comment or advice for us?

    Thank you for your time! We look forward to welcoming you soon in Olympia.