The first ever online International Session for Young Participants

Challenges are meant to be met and overcome, and that’s exactly the mentality behind the IOA’s new project, the IOA Οnline International Sessions. The Sessions will be transmitted live through the new IOA platform that was created especially for this new endeavour and both the live lectures as well as the IOA platform will be offered in English and French.

Yesterday was the first day of the first ever online International Session for Young Participants that is dedicated to: “Olympic Games: Human rights, diversity and inclusion in sport”. This is the 60th year for the YP Session and 63 participants from 61 countries, 16 coordinators and several observers will attend daily lectures from 7 eminent lecturers, namely: Dr Bruce Kidd, Dr Susan Brownell, Mr David Wallechinsky, Prof. José Luis PÉREZ TRIVIÑO, Prof. Yannis Theodorakis, Assoc. Prof. Mike Duignan and Prof. David McGillivray.

Participants are required to attend the lectures and participate in the working groups that follow each lecture in order to discuss with their fellow participants about the content of the lecture and draw their own conclusions that they will later present on the last day of the Session.

The programme of the 60th Session has been enriched with a variety of extracurricular activities that vary from virtual workouts to social meetings and from arts workshops to cultural meetings. The timeline of the programme is adapted so as to accommodate our international participants that live on every continent of the world!

Dear friends, Covid-19 not only hasn’t broken our Olympic spirit, but on the contrary it has only made us stronger and more creative!

See you online!