The International Olympic Academy condems the Russian invasion to Ukraine


The International Olympic Academy unites its voice with the International Olympic Committee, firmly condemning the Russian invasion to Ukraine.
Any act of violation against independent nations and people, is, in essence, an abusive offence of the fundamental Values of Olympism, which aim towards peaceful coexistence and solidarity.
The IOC, taking into consideration the above, has decided to urge all the International Federations to withdraw every single international event which has been planned to take place in Russia and Belarus, as well as to withdraw their national flags from every sports event on a global scale, as a symbolic act of opposition to this barbaric invasion.
In this respect, the IOA has decided to lower the national flags of Russia and Belarus from the flagpoles in its premises in Ancient Olympia.
All the members, officials and staff of the IOA are standing by the Ukrainian people and the athletes and we hope that the Russian troops, whose presence in the Ukrainian land is an infringement of the Principles and Values of Peace, Friendship and Solidarity among societies, will be withdrawn promptly from the independent Ukraine.
This moment we are all Ukrainians!