Following an invitation from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IOA has joined “GRECT”, a network of academic and cultural institutions that can host international conferences, seminars, summer camps, etc. in beautiful locations all over the country, with a view to promoting educational and cultural tourism in Greece.

Appropriate facilities, close to areas of major archaeological interest and particular natural beauty, combined with the long experience and know-how of these institutions, heighten the appeal of their locations for high level events, which also offer visitors the chance to become better acquainted with the cultural and scenic splendour of the country.

The website provides all necessary information regarding the features of the institutions, their facilities and how to access them, as well as possibilities for organizing educational seminars taking participants on a journey through time and history.

The following institutions are also part of the GRECT network: the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, the European Public Law Organization, the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Anargyreios and Korgialeneios School of Spetses.