The IOA Development Working Group has concluded its works

The IOA Development Working Group has concluded its works, following a series of meetings, being held online, throughout the period 2020-2021.

The IOA had proceeded to the creation of a Development Working Group, comprised of eminent academics and experts on Olympic Education, with the vision to develop a variety of basic and high-level educational opportunities at the IOA premises and further enhance the IOA’s role in the Olympic Movement.

The working group had been divided into subgroups in order to focus on specific targets which were a) the educational content of every activity, b) the development of a new organizational structure of the educational activities, and c) the pursuit of new forms of cooperation.

All the members of the Working Group, with their academic knowledge and expertise, have worked hard and contributed in a productive way to this endeavor. The IOA would like to express its appreciation for their devotion and professionalism.

The results of this huge project will be presented to the Education Project Committee formed by the International Olympic Committee within this month, which will promote this innovative scheme and enable it to be put in implementation.

The constitution of the Development Working Group:

Prof. Emilio FERNÁNDEZ PEÑA (ESP), Director, Olympic Studies Centre, Barcelona, Prof. Dionyssis GANGAS (IOA), IOA’s Development Projects Consultant, Assoc. Prof. Dimitris GARGALIANOS (GRE) Sport Management, Democritus University of Thrace, Prof. Konstantinos GEORGIADIS (IOA), IOA Honorary Dean, Mr Thomas JUNOD (SUI), Head of UEFA Academy, Ms Alexandra KARAISKOU (IOA), NOAs Relations, IOA, Prof. Mike McNAMEE (GBR), Professor of Applied Ethics College of Engineering, Swansea University, Prof. Dongguang PEI (CHN), Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, Beijing, Prof. Sarah TEETZEL (CAN), University of Manitoba, Prof. Stephan WASSONG (GER), German Sport University Cologne, Head of Institute of Sport History, Director of Olympic Studies Centre.