The IOA presenting the new strategic plan to the IOC Steering Committee

The IOA’s presentation to the IOC Steering Committee took place in Lausanne, on Friday, 1st October 2021. The IOA’s strategic plan which was elaborated within a framework of a new form of partnership with the IOC was based on three main pillars: the new development and implementation plan, the new organizational and legal developments and the business plan.

The new development and implementation plan applies to the launching of innovative projects providing new high-level educational opportunities as well as the preservation and enhancement of the IOA’s core flagship programmes in order to strengthen their impact and reach within the Olympic Movement. The legal changes concern the development of the new Statute, which was elaborated according to the new perspectives, being officially approved by the Hellenic Parliament and the business plan has been designed in order to provide a financial model which will be put into implementation from the year 2022.

The IOA delegation to Lausanne consisted of the following members: Mr Isidoros Kouvelos, IOA President, Prof. Konstantinos Georgiadis, IOA Dean, Prof. Dionyssis Gangas, IOA Consultant advisor, Mr Michalis Anastasopoulos, IOA executive legal advisor, Mr Charis Kalofonos, IOA financial Advisor and Ms Alexandra Karaiskou, scientific staff and NOAs relations.

The IOA President, Mr Isidoros Kouvelos, presenting the philosophy of the IOA’s reform and its mission and objectives stated, among others:

“With this unique opportunity we have been given, the International Olympic Academy moves towards a profound change and growth. It shapes its physiognomy, in new terms and in close alignment with the IOC, and its departments such as the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, the Olympic Studies Centre and the Olympic Solidarity so that we can achieve mutual benefits. Our purpose is to lay solid foundations for the future. We want to ensure that all participants integrate the Olympic Values to their communities and they are equipped with the Knowledge and tools to act as multipliers of Olympic Education in their countries. The IOC has entrusted us with this educational aspect of Olympism and we bear a responsibility to achieve it to the utmost.

In this spirit, I very much hope and look forward to the IOC’s devotion and support to our common vision, because we can only make this a reality, relying on this long-lasting partnership to empower our educational mission. And this what Olympism advocates; accomplishing things in unity.  I’m sure that looking into the future, we will be “stronger together””!