The IOA welcomed for one more year young people from every corner of the world

The 54th International Session for Young Participants of the International Olympic Academy that was hosted at the IOA premises in Ancient Olympia from the 15th to the 29th of June was concluded leaving rich impressions, unique experiences and a great legacy that will be the base for the further development of the Olympic Movement.

The IOA welcomed for one more year young people from every corner of the world, bringing them close to the principles of the Olympic Movement, thus creating one more generation of ambassadors of the Academy and its important work.

155 participants and 24 coordinators from 94 countries of the world took part in the 54th International Session whose special subject was “Olympic values: Respect for Diversity”.

During the Session, on June 18th, the IOA and the National Olympic Committee of Qatar signed a memorandum of understanding.

The conclusions of the discussion groups that were formed by all the participants were impressive and showed their contemporary thoughts about the Olympic Movement and its social expansion.

Finally, through the social nights that were organized by the IOA, the young participants exchanged forms of their culture while through the sporting activities they experienced the principles of fair play and cooperation in the historical place of Ancient Olympia.

The participants left our country on Sunday, June 29th impressed by Ancient Olympia and the IOA’s operation.


During the session the following lectures were realized by:

H.E. the Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman AL-THANI (QAT), Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Qatar, President of the National Olympic Academy of Qatar, on the subject: “Olympic Values: Respect for diversity”.

Mr Melchior WATHELET (BEL), Advocate General, European Court of Justice, on the subject:“Non-discrimination: The common principle of the Charter of fundamental rights in the European Union and the Olympic Charter”.

Prof. Dr Gertrud PFISTER (GER), Professor in the Dept of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, on the subject: “Sport and cultural diversity – Exclusions, assimilations and/or acceptance of ‘otherness’”.

Prof. Dr Éric MONNIN (FRA), Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Sociology, Laboratory Culture, Sport, Health, Society, University of Franche-Comté, UPFR Sports, France, on the subject: “Olympic education: Learning to respect each other”.

Prof. Dr Miranda KIURI (ESP), Professor of architecture, research member of the Scientific Laboratory LEMA (Local Environment Analysis & Management), University of Liege, Belgium, on the subject: “The stadium of Olympia”.

Prof. Dr Otmar WEISS (AUT), Head of the Dept of Sport Sociology, Vice-dean at the Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Vienna, Austria, on the subject: “Possibilities and limitations of the intercultural education within the Olympic Movement”.

Prof. Dr Andonis TRAVLOS (GRE), Associate Professor, Dept of Sport Organization and Management, University of Peloponnese, on the subject: “Sport and moral education: Is ‘Kalokagathia’ a value today?”.

Mr Sam RAMSAMY (RSA), Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Vice President of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), Chairman of the IOC Commission ‘Sport for all’, Member of the IOC Executive Board, on the subject: “Human rights and youth sport”.

Prof. Dr Koichi WADA (JPN), Professor at the Faculty of Global and Inter-cultural Studies, Ferris University, Japan, on the subject: “Respect your sport: Rules, culture, internal goods”.

Prof. Ines NIKOLAUS (GER), Board member of the International ‘Pierre de Coubertin’ Committee, responsible for the Coubertin Schools (Lausanne, Switzerland/Erfurt, Germany), on the subject: “Lessons and activities for teaching respect in Olympic education”.

Prof. Dr Jim PARRY (GBR), Visiting Professor, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and ‘Life Fellow’, University of Leeds, Great Britain, on the subject: “Victory and virtue in sport”.

Prof. Dr Marion KEIM (RSA), Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence for Sport Science and Development, University of Western Cape, South Africa, on the subject: “Respect for diversity”.

Prof. Dr Konstantinos GEORGIADIS (GRE), IOA Honorary Dean, Dean of the Faculty of Human Movement and Quality of Life Sciences, University of Peloponnese, Director of the Master’s Degree Programme “Olympic Studies, Olympic

Education, Organization and Management of Olympic Events”, Member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, Member of the Executive Board of the International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH), on the subject: “The educational value of Olympism”.