The online 27th International Seminar on Olympic Studies for Post-graduate Students

The 27th International Seminar on Olympic Studies for Post-graduate Students will be held online this year from September 21st to September 27th  due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first time in the IOA’s history that its International Sessions and the International Seminar had to be held online and not in its premises in ancient Olympia.

The main topic of the Seminar is: “The Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement: Past, Present and Future – An Analysis from the Historical, Philosophical and Social Perspectives” and its special topic: “Mega-Sport Events and Human Rights”.

The IOA President, Mr Isidoros Kouvelos welcomed the participants together with the IOA Honorary Dean, Prof. Dr Konstantinos Georgiadis who will also supervise the works of the Seminar.

The 18 students from 17 different countries will daily attend the lessons offered by the eminent Supervising Professors, namely: Prof. Dr Evangelos Albanidis (GRE), Prof. Dr Patrick Clastres (FRA), Dr Bianca Gama Pena (BRA), Prof. Dr Irena Martinkova (CZE), Prof. Dr Jim PARRY (GBR) and Prof. Dr Yannis Theodorakis (GRE).

Apart from attending the lectures, the students will also present their Seminar papers which will be published in the proceedings of the Seminar. Moreover, they will daily participate in the working groups in order to discuss about the lessons and draw conclusions that they will present on the last day of the Seminar.

Extracurricular activities are also offered to the students including social and cultural meetings, an Olympic Quiz and a virtual tour of the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of Antiquity.