The online 16th International Session for Directors of NOAs

As the great activist, who sought equality and human rights for African Americans, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, said ‘Whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward’.

It is commonly said that when there is will, there is a way and power, too. Power to overcome oneself, to set aside constraints and barriers that halt self-improvement and progress. To keep going!

And this is what also Olympism is about and the values it advocates.

The IOA 16th Session 2020 in its digital form, also conveys this message under these unprecedented conditions. Not, however, in the magic and inspiring surroundings of Olympia, but through a virtual environment that carries, somehow, these sparkles!

The Olympic anthem has been heard on the screens of the NOA’s representatives in many corners of the world, during the opening of the 16th International Session for Directors of NOAs, which begun its works on Friday, 11th September. The main subject of this year’s Session is ‘Olympism and Humanism’ while the special subject is ‘Human Rights in Olympic Education Programmes’. The Session is attended by 57 active NOAs, which show their dynamic and determination to edge forward and put their part in the Olympic Movement throughout these harsh moments our planet has been facing, 7 distinguished lectures and 20 academic observers and the works will last 7 days with thought provoking discussions and well-organized working groups.