Wishing to contribute to the promotion of the principles and values of Olympism, the ΙΟΑ organizes each year at its facilities in Ancient Olympia its most long-lasting session, the International Session for Young Olympic Ambassadors. Its aim is to bring together young people of different nationalities in a spirit of friendship and cooperation and encourage them to build on the knowledge they will acquire during their stay in Olympia, as worthy ambassadors of their countries.

Next to the archaeological site, where the Olympic Games were born, promising young people of different cultures, selected by their respective NOCs/NOAs, learn to coexist and work together in peace, to share ideas and to engage in dialogue, to build strong and long-term relationships by breaking down barriers of religion, language, sex, culture and status. The International Olympic Academy, a true centre for research, an “active school”, is helping the Youth to unveil and disseminate the Olympic Values and principles back in their countries and therefore to bring Pierre de Coubertin’s vision into life.

Objectives of the Young Olympic Ambassadors Session

  • To constitute a unique opportunity and a once-in-a- lifetime experience for young people from all over the world to live for a short period of time in a multicultural environment, which enhances international understanding and acceptance.
  • To provide an international forum for free expression and exchange of ideas and practices on issues related to the Olympic Movement.
  • To instill into young people Olympic Values and Ideals, such as respect, friendship, solidarity, equality, which form the basis of the Olympic Movement.
  • To introduce the future members of the Olympic Movement to the basics of Olympism and the Olympic Movement.
  • To further teach them about current issues related to sports, Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.
  • To motivate, inspire and encourage the young Olympic Ambassadors to use their experiences and knowledge gained from the Session productively by promoting the Olympic ideals and by educating others in their own countries.
For a fortnight you will have the privilege of living here at the Mecca of the Olympic Movement, in the sacred precincts where Pindar and the other great Hellenic poets, orators, sculptors and artists gained inspiration.

Avery BRUNDAGE, President of the IOC (1952-1972)